Short Outline


I Introduction (1:1-4)

II The Superiority Jesus (1:5‑2:18)

A Jesus is Superior to the angels (1:5-14)

B Exhortation - pay close attention (2:1-4)

C Jesus shares in our humanity (2:5-18)

III Jesus the High Priest (3:1-5:10)

A A Faithful High Priest (3:1‑4:13)

B Exhortation We must be faithful (3:7-4:13)

C A Compassionate High Priest (4:14‑5:10)

IV The Great Work of Jesus (5:11-10:39)

A Preliminary Exhortation (5:11‑6:20)

B A Better Priesthood (7:1‑28)

C A Better Offering (8:1‑9:28)

D A Better Result (10:1‑18)

E Closing Exhortation (10:19-39)

V Accessing the Work (11:1-12:13)

A The Means Faith (11:1-40)

B The Method Look to Jesus (12:1-13)

VI Make Straight Paths (12:14-13:18)

A Seek God (12:14-28)

B Exhortation: Live in Love for one another (13:1-6)

C Final Plea (13:7-17)

D Pray for us (13:18-19)

VII Conclusion (13:20-21)

VIII Final words (13:22-25)



Copyright 2014 Elgin Hushbeck